KMKanbanMail Guides

KanbanMail comes with a powerful set of keyboard shortcuts that enable to deal with your emails even quicker — without even leaving the keyboard. Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use in KanbanMail!

You can quickly see the keyboard shortcut for a particular action in KanbanMail by hovering over the button for that action .

Global shortcuts

These shortcuts will work anywhere in KanbanMail.

Ctrl \ Toggle split view

Board shortcuts

These will work whenever there are no emails selected, the thread viewer isn’t open and the email composer isn’t open.

C Open composer
Ctrl N New note in the To-Do column
/ or Ctrl F Focus the search bar
Esc Clear search (if it’s on)
1-5 Select the first thread in column <number>

Hold Shift while hovering over an email to expand its preview.

Email shortcuts

These will work when email(s) are selected on the board or when the thread viewer is open.

S Star / unstar
I Mark as important / not important
U Mark as unread / read
Shift P Pin
R Reply
A Reply all
F Forward
E Move to Archived
1-5 Move to column <number>
Shift 3 Move to Trash
P Go to the previous message in the thread
N Go to the next message in the thread
Shift U Unsubscribe
Enter Open selected thread
Esc Close thread viewer (if open)
Esc Clear selected threads

You can use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to scroll the current message up and down.

Composer shortcuts

These will work when the email composer is open.

Ctrl Enter Send email
Ctrl S Save as draft
Esc Close composer

Editor shortcuts

These will work in the email composer text editor.

Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italic
Ctrl U Underline
Ctrl K Add hyperlink

Markdown shortcuts

# Text First-level heading
## Text Second-level heading
### Text Third-level heading
> Text Block quote
`text` Inline code snippet
```text``` Code block
*text* or _text_ Italic text
**text** or __text__ Bold text (__ is two underscores)